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3 Tips For Estate Agents: How to Make Your Content Accessible for Everyone

How to make your estate agency content accessible

With 1 in 5 people in the UK living with a disability[1], having inclusive services couldn’t be more important. But by having inaccessible content, even accidentally, you could be excluding huge numbers of people from viewing your blog. You could even be breaking the law! Inaccessible content can also work against your SEO (search engine

Content Matters: Why You Should Repurpose Your Blog Content

Why You Should Repurpose Your Blog Content

Watch the video: If you write your own blog posts you’ll know that it’s not really a task which can be completed in 10 minutes. You need to decide on a topic, do your research, fire up your creative juices, write your piece, edit it and upload it, and this can quite easily take hours out of your day. But, your business will really benefit from blogging, it’s an incredible marketing strategy, so, here’s a tip for you…