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How To Be Less Forgettable! Could Influencer Marketing Be A Valuable Part Of My Real Estate Content Strategy?

How To Be Less Forgettable! Could Influencer Marketing Be A Valuable Part Of My Real Estate Content Strategy?

Creating and implementing an effective estate agency content strategy is crucial to achieving marketing success, but to obtain maximum ROI it’s essential for that content strategy to have multiple facets. One avenue you should consider exploring is influencer marketing. Most people have heard the term “influencer” these days, but you may not have thought about

The Benefits Of Introducing Storytelling Into Your Estate Agent Content

The Benefits of Introducing Storytelling to Your Estate Agent Content

No doubt you’re already aware of the importance of creating high-quality content for estate agents. However, you may not have realised just how vital the process of storytelling can be for the success of your real estate marketing strategy. The concept of storytelling for marketing purposes isn’t a new one, but it’s beginning to achieve

Is An Estate Agent Blog Really The Key To Boosting Your Brand Awareness?

Is an estate agent blog really the key to increasing brand awareness

If there’s one thing that most estate agents are aware of these days, it’s that the marketplace is an incredibly crowded one. Even the smallest towns have several estate agencies jostling for business, and getting your brand noticed can be challenging, especially when you’re up against big-name competitors. It isn’t surprising, then, that blogging is

What is Funnel Marketing for Estate Agents? Here’s How to Do It

What is Funnel Marketing for Estate Agents? Here's How to Do It

Creating a marketing funnel for your estate agency is a crucial part of content marketing. With this marketing technique, you can win new instructions from sellers, buyers or landlords. And while not everyone that visits your blog will convert into a client, having an expert marketing funnel can provide a huge boost in your lead

How do You Promote an Estate Agent?

If this was a perfect world and all your estate agency marketing ideas worked as you thought they would, you would win instructions and sell houses simply by listing all the good stuff about your agency and your properties on your website, blog and social media platforms.

You know the type of thing I’m talking about:

You offer free valuations
You produce a brochure with a floorplan and photographs
You show prospective buyers around
You deal with offers
You progress the sale
You’ve got a database of waiting buyers