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6 Estate Agent Marketing Ideas for 2022: How to Win New Instructions

Estate Agent Marketing Ideas for 2022

Marketing is very nearly an estate agents’ entire job. Selling properties, building relationships, and winning new instructions is all a form of marketing – and it’s your day-to-day business! But everyone gets stumped for ideas occasionally – especially when it comes to online marketing and knowing how to promote your services on the web to

4 Powerful Ways to Elevate Your Estate Agent Website in 2022


Every year, your business needs to raise its game to continue to be the best. With many estate agents moving their lead generation strategies online, levelling up your website is one of the top ways to grow your success. If you’re looking for advice on how to improve your estate agent website in 2022, here

How do You Promote an Estate Agent?

If this was a perfect world and all your estate agency marketing ideas worked as you thought they would, you would win instructions and sell houses simply by listing all the good stuff about your agency and your properties on your website, blog and social media platforms.

You know the type of thing I’m talking about:

You offer free valuations
You produce a brochure with a floorplan and photographs
You show prospective buyers around
You deal with offers
You progress the sale
You’ve got a database of waiting buyers