The Three Biggest Mistakes Estate Agents Make

the three big mistakes estate agents make

Following on from last weeks blog post, I want to share with you three of the biggest marketing mistakes you absolutely must avoid if you want your estate agency to succeed. Becoming the go-to estate agent in your area is crucial and winning more instructions is within your reach!

I have helped hundreds of estate agents understand why content is key and in the process of doing so I have noticed that the SAME three mistakes crop up time and again.

So, the best thing you can do now is save yourself from wasting another minute by learning from the past mistakes of those other estate agents!

Don’t repeat these mistakes and you’ll save yourself pain and hours of frustration.

Mistake 1: Don’t wait until you are no longer busy before thinking about the future. “It’s not a priority” doesn’t wash!

When the market is good and you are winning instructions and selling houses without a care in the world, it’s easy to only think about the ‘now’ and the day to day running of your estate agency. I appreciate there are always going to be tasks which must be done and cannot be placed at the bottom of the pile, but, while you are visible right now, there will come a time when you are not! And that will coincide with instructions and sales dropping off the proverbial cliff.

If you overlook your content strategy you will have nothing in place to ensure your visibility when the hard times come.

You don’t have to drop everything and go all in and become an award-winning writer – just plan ahead monthly, get a content schedule in place and consistently publish relevant, engaging articles and posts, newsletters and videos so that your target audience are aware of your agency.

Mistake 2: Don’t task your receptionist or office junior with writing your content

You are out of the office a lot. Yes, I get that. You’ve got market appraisals to attend, viewings to conduct, and all the other tasks in between. You haven’t got time to write articles, so you delegate your content creation to your receptionist. After all, they are highly organised and pretty good at multi-tasking, so it won’t be a problem. They can bash out a 500-word article (not enough words but you figure that will suffice) once a week surely?

Except they can’t.

Because your receptionist is unlikely to be an experienced writer. Plus, you haven’t taken into account the fact that it is likely to take your employee away from their actual job for at least half a day, probably much longer.

Add to this the fact that good articles require research and concentration. If your receptionist is having to answer the telephone or deal with visitors every five minutes this is not conducive to good creativity.

This option simply won’t work.

Mistake 3: Don’t base your content around your property listings

“It’s ok, my receptionist can just write about all the amazing properties we have listed and how good we are at selling houses. That will only take an hour and require minimal concentration. There we go. Bish, bash, bosh. Sorted.”

Nope. Please. Don’t. Do. It.

Engagement is key. Your content must be based around subjects that provide value to your target audience, that make you look knowledgeable and are helpful and informative.

Your target audience of home movers want to be convinced (sub-consciously) that you are the best agent in the area.

  • They want to be stunned by your knowledge of local schools.
  • Wowed by your thoughts on the local property market.
  • Inspired by your ideas for home décor.
  • Appreciative of your clever tips for preparing a home for sale.
  • Moved by your caring attitude through the Coronavirus Pandemic.

So, that’s what you need to create content around.

My parting words to you today are these:

A subscription to Content For Estate Agents will ensure you always have relevant, well-written and topical content ready to upload to your blog or news page and re-purpose on your social media and in newsletters. Done correctly, you can make your local target audience sit up and take notice with minimal effort.

I have seen estate agents commit these three big mistakes time and again… and the first step to improving your estate agency marketing game is to be aware of what you are doing but also making a commitment to move forward.

You may be thinking: “You’re right, I need help to be consistently proactive in my content marketing efforts!”

I hope so because that’s great. First of all, this email is a good starting point because you have already learned three ‘what not to do’s’ that will save you a lot of pain as you embark on your journey to improve your content.

If you want something more, allow me to introduce you to Content For Estate Agents.

It’s an affordable way for you to access premium content, written with your target audience in mind, that you can download and publish in minutes to help you consistently stay visible and win more instructions.

That’s all for today! I hope you have learned from these three mistakes.

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