The Top 6 Questions all Estate Agents need Answering About Their Content Marketing Strategy

Most estate agents have heard about content marketing, but unfortunately, not all are aware of what a content marketing strategy really is. Even those who do have a basic grasp of its principles unfortunately often lack the knowledge to make their content marketing strategy successful.

A Quick Overview Of Content Marketing

It’s no wonder then that every agent has asked at one time or another what they can do to improve their content marketing, and, more to the point, how to harness the power of blog posts, social media and web content to reach their target audience more effectively.

When it comes to content creation, it’s important to have a clear marketing plan, and this is where so many estate agents find that their marketing efforts fall flat.

Essentially, it’s important to recognise that there is more to a successful content strategy than simply creating and distributing content – rather, it’s about creating content that addresses the pain points of prospective customers so that website traffic can receive a boost and lead generation can be achieved.

Our Expert Advice

With this in mind, it isn’t too surprising that estate agents nationwide are all asking content marketing strategy questions in the hope of increasing their revenue through the creation of marketing content that really works.

Here, we give you our expert advice about the ins and outs of content marketing and answer the six main content marketing questions that almost every estate agency owner has asked.

Question 1 – What Is Content Marketing For Real Estate Agents?

Content marketing for estate agents is created by utilising the same kind of successful content marketing strategy employed by other industries. Essentially, it requires your agency to create content that promotes your brand while also engaging the prospective customer.

The whole purpose of estate agency content marketing is to communicate your brand presence and message clearly while keeping consumers interested with informative and engaging articles.

Quality content marketing strategies don’t involve any sales pitch. You’re not trying to pitch for business when you write an article or post to use on your website or social media. Rather, the idea behind good content is distributing valuable ideas and information that prospective customers can use. When you use content marketing correctly, you’ll attract a wider audience to your website, turn more prospects into buyers and also turn more buyers into clients that will return time and again.

So, what does online marketing look like for estate agents? Of course, the once humble blog post forms the staple of a great content strategy, but there are other avenues to explore to achieve your business goals.

As well as producing consistent content for a blog, you should also fully exploit the full potential of estate agent social media marketing as this will expand your reach and give your business great value for money from its marketing budget. Social media allows for easy sharing of posts and can help in promoting your brand to a broader range of potential customers.

Simply put – it’s a free way to grow your audience.

Question 2 – Why Does Using Content Marketing Work?

Businesses that use quality content effectively can see a huge improvement in their ROI. In fact, marketers who generate unique content and publish it regularly find it one of their most useful tools when it comes to demonstrating their expertise and establishing themselves as a thought leader in their industry.

Get it right, and your property business will become a “go-to” solution when a potential client is keen to buy or sell a house. Your blog will be uppermost in their mind, and they will naturally turn to your company as their first choice of agent.

Content marketing works because great content provides clients with valuable information free of charge, and this allows you to create and build up a relationship of trust with them.

Question 3 – How Do I Start Creating Content That Customers Will Love?

Before you can start to create posts that will achieve your goals and make your effort worthwhile, you will need to develop a different attitude to marketing. In the traditional style of marketing, importance is always placed heavily on selling to the customer.

However, in the content marketing world, all of that gets turned on its head. Your blogs shouldn’t be trying to let readers know that you are the best property agent out there. Instead, your focus should be strongly placed on pointing out how you can help them in their quest to buy or sell a house.

The starting point is to research the type of real estate agent blog content your target readers want to see. Get your team to put themselves in the shoes of the prospective buyer or seller and consider what they might search for on Google when preparing for their home purchase or sale.

This is how you come up with real estate agent content ideas to write in your blogs that will be relevant, and that will appear in the Google search results when they look for data and information related to their queries.

Question 4 – Where Do I Get My Inspiration?

One of the biggest challenges you’ll face is finding inspiration for your pieces. Luckily, once you get into the right mindset, you’ll realise that there’s a wealth of options out there for you to choose from.

  • Long form content, for example, how-to guides outlining the process of selling or buying, could contain the vital details that users search for when getting ready to sell or buy. When your content appears in the Google results, it will drive traffic to your site.
  • Consider including some local area guides too, to help prospective buyers decide where in your area they would like to move to.
  • Include some property news, especially if it relates to your local community or include details about local events that are taking place.
  • Lists that include tips and tricks are always popular, such as “10 tips for moving home” or “5 best home improvements if you’re planning a move”.

These are just a few suggestions to get you started.

Question 5 – Does Content Just Mean Articles?

The example we gave in our answer to question three refers to written posts, but that doesn’t mean that content can’t take other forms, and it’s possible to generate excellent content in the form of a video or an image. A video tutorial or a revealing infographic can be just as beneficial for the user as a written article and is easily consumed. A video is easy to watch and absorb, while infographics are visually appealing. These factors will also help to boost your marketing potential.

Question 6 – Could I Manage My Own Content Strategies?

It’s technically possible to manage your own strategy, but this may not be the best course of action for you or your organisation. To get it right, you need to make sure that you’ve taken the necessary time to plan out what you intend to do and how to execute it effectively. It goes without saying that this process is time-consuming and stressful. This is especially the case when you’re trying to manage other aspects of your business and working towards growing a thriving and successful firm.

It’s often better to use the services of a specialist in the field to ensure everything runs smoothly and your real estate agent content marketing strategy stays on course to achieve its goals. Having a skilled and knowledgeable team onboard can make an enormous difference to your success while also saving you time and energy. Professionals can ensure that every element of your campaign works in alignment and can craft content such as e-guides and area guides that add value for readers.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you make your campaign a great success.

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