What Content Should Estate Agents Post on Instagram?

What Content should Estate Agents Post on Instagram

Are you on Instagram? If not, you should be! Instagram gives estate agents a unique opportunity to market both yourself and your listings – which can help you recruit staff, build trust in your brand and (most importantly) sell homes!

If you already play the social media game, you’ll know that people use each platform for different reasons. To succeed on Instagram, you need to know what content people want to see.

Here’s our advice on why estate agents should post on Instagram – plus our tips on how to create content that converts.

Why Should Estate Agents Post Content on Instagram?
1.   It Sells Homes

Instagram is another opportunity to sell homes. And since around 90% of Instagram users are aged under 35 (with over half aged 18-29[1]), Instagram enables you to sell your listings and rentals to the younger market.

2.   You Can Show Local Expertise

Just like creating blog content, posting on Instagram can help show your expertise in the property industry. You can market yourself as a local expert in a particular area.

3.   It Builds Connections

Forbes[2] have been saying for years now that having an authentic voice and showing your human side is one of the best ways to gain business. Instagram can help you build connections with new leads and show them a more personal side to your brand.

How to Create Good Content For Instagram as an Estate Agent
1.   Sell a Lifestyle

Want to recruit? Sell the lifestyle of your team’s careers! Want to sell a home? Show what it’s like to live in the local area and cook in that beautiful kitchen! Pictures on Instagram can sell a dream. And when people dream about the life they can have working for you or living in your listing, they’re more likely to enquire.

2.   Be Helpful

When people find your content helpful, they’re more likely to follow you. As your follower, they’ll have easy access to your content and be more likely to consider your services when they need them. Be helpful and provide advice to your followers. Repurpose your blog content to create infographics and a tip series that help show (and share) your expertise.

3.   Get Personal

Ditch the stock photos you use on your blog and take your own pictures for Instagram. As well as posting listing images and helpful content, don’t forget that people want to see the personal side of your business, too. Tell stories about your company history, run a ‘meet the team’ series or share updates of friendly office games you’ve been having with your team.

Stumped For Ideas?

One of the best-kept secrets to having an everlasting supply of Instagram posts is to repurpose your blog content! At Content For Estate Agents, we specialise in creating high-quality blog content that people want to read.

Download your FREE trial article today or book a discovery call now to learn more about how we can help you with your content.

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