What Kind Of Content Should An Estate Agent Email Marketing Strategy Include?

What Kind Of Content Should An Estate Agent Email Marketing Strategy Include?

Email marketing campaigns are a key component of your estate agency marketing strategy, but it can be difficult to know what kind of content you should be sending out.

Crafting engaging email newsletters is no mean feat, and coming up with a highly effective strategy for your campaign is never easy. Not only do you need to know what you’re trying to achieve, whether that’s driving traffic to your site, engaging with prospective clients, or increasing valuations, but you also need to make sure that your emails are opened and read by the recipient.

Creating the right content is key to this, but what kind of content do the people on your mailing list want to see? Fortunately, we’re experts in the field of estate agency content creation, so here is our advice.

Write Effective Subject Lines

A dull subject line is unlikely to persuade recipients to open your email and read it, and if recipients aren’t reading your newsletters, what’s the point in creating valuable content? An effective subject line will intrigue the reader and persuade them to open the newsletter to learn more. Remember that people will likely be receiving hundreds of emails each day, so yours must stand out if it’s going to be successful in achieving its goals.

Encourage Your Readers To Engage With Your Brand

Asking your readers a question when they get to the end of the email opens up a conversation between the prospective client and your estate agency. Avoid being too salesy when posing your question and make it simple to encourage a response. Something as simple as asking for feedback can encourage them to reply via email or even give you a call.

Give Your Recipients Value

A key mistake that estate agents make when sending out email newsletters is to focus the content around themselves. Subscribers aren’t especially interested in your latest office achievements, and they may not take much notice of your most recent listings either depending on their needs, but they may want to take advantage of your professional knowledge to learn more about industry topics that matter to them.

When you’re creating a content marketing strategy, you need to think about what your prospective clients want and need from your estate agency. Email marketing strategies require the same thought patterns.

  • What kind of content will give subscribers extra value?
  • What kind of insider information can you give them that will encourage them to open and read your newsletter and, hopefully, take further action to engage with your brand?

You don’t need to write entirely different content to your existing blog posts. In fact, repurposing your content is a great idea. Come up with different ways of presenting content for your email subscribers so that they feel like it’s tailored exclusively for them.

Of course, it’s often easier said than done creating engaging and relevant estate agent content week after week. That’s where we can help. Register for our localised and personalised content and you will benefit from professionally-written, well-crafted content that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of estate agents.

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