Why Content Marketing is an Important Strategy for Estate Agents Right Now

content for estate agents

Content marketing is a highly strategic form of digital marketing which focuses on creating valuable, relevant and high-quality content for your target audience, which can then be shared online, with the ultimate aim of growing your estate agency business.

Right now, content marketing is more important than ever in the fight your agency is undertaking with COVID19.

Unlike the traditional forms of marketing which you probably already use in your estate agency business, such as newspaper advertisements and property portals which allow you to target your properties for sale directly at home movers, content marketing has an entirely different purpose.

Don’t showcase your brand

It is not about showcasing your brand, your services or even your properties. It’s about providing answers to the questions your target audience of home movers are looking for, ensuring you become the go-to expert within your industry. And you can do this highly effectively through providing informative content online.

Just ‘having a website’ won’t cut it

What do you do when you have a question that needs answering? Your first action will be to ‘Google it’ of course and you’re not alone. With nearly 45.1 million people in the UK heading online to find answers to their questions or find solutions to their problems, Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), such as Google, Bing and Yahoo rely on algorithms to find the relevant search results based on the keywords entered.

But look, just because a potential home mover types in ‘estate agents near me,’ and you happen to be in their location and have a website, there is absolutely no guarantee that your details will show up in the results!

This is because websites are ranked on a number of factors, and you’ve guessed it, this includes the relevance of content on your website.

It’s not enough to have a home page, an about page and pages of properties. This will not get you ranked.

Informative, educational content, that solves problems and answers home movers questions will.

This is such a simple, effective strategy, yet many estate agents, just like you, are simply not utilizing its power.

Don’t underestimate how people make decisions

You may think you won’t benefit from moving up the search rankings when all of your custom comes from the local area. As an estate agent, of course you will regularly deal with people from the local area who are interested in buying or selling, however, the online world is changing the way people go about making decisions regarding choosing an estate agent to work with.

They will spend time thoroughly researching you online by looking over your website, reading your content, checking your reviews and looking for answers that enable them to put their trust in you.

It doesn’t matter if you have hundreds of properties on your books, have an army of staff and state of the art offices in a prime location. The online research comes first. Therefore, you must give your potential leads a reason to trust you and your expertise, come to you and use your services.

They know you sell houses; you are an estate agent! What they really want to know is how and why you are different from all the other estate agents in the area. And you can ensure you are the go-to expert in your area by showcasing your knowledge and expertise on your blog or news page within your website.

Generate 3x the leads

Content marketing exactly like this can generate up to three times as many leads as any other form of outbound marketing.

Start producing content that helps your target audience understand who you are and what makes you different. Show them that you want to help, that you are a business that they can trust and an expert within your field.

They are actually not interested in boring data, how many members of staff you have or how many houses you sold last year. Instead, they are interested in information only that is beneficial to them.

Show potential home movers that you have the best skills and knowledge within the market that will benefit them through the content you publish on your website. Creating this content will boost awareness and build your audience, encourage engagement, oh and Google will love you for it too!

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