Area Guides for Estate Agents

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Homebuyers seeking to move to a new location want to arm themselves with all the facts about the local area. From learning about the selection of schools to discovering the best restaurants, shopping and leisure facilities.

As an estate agent at the heart of your local community, you are perfectly and uniquely positioned to showcase your local area knowledge and expertise by publishing local area guides on your estate agency website and in your literature.

Content For Estate Agents: Local Area Guide Examples

Our professional content writers will research your local area and write an engaging, informative and educational local area guide ready for you to use as you wish;

  • Publish on your website
  • Email to prospective clients
  • Send out as a newsletter
  • Include in your printed magazine or e-magazine

Each local area guide is comprehensively researched and written for the area of your choice and includes information about:

  • Schools and colleges
  • Local Attractions and Leisure
  • Shopping facilities and Restaurants
  • Property Types and Demographics
  • Upcoming Developments
  • Travel Connections

If you would like to commission an area guide for your estate agency, please contact us and we’ll talk you through the details.