Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions which aren’t covered below, please visit our How It Works page, or contact us.

How much does a Content for Estate Agents subscription cost?

We have a range of packages available starting at £19.99 per month – please see the How it Works page for full details. All prices are subject to VAT.

Will the articles be relevant to my business?

Yes! Every article is researched and is property market specific. You’ll find content which is industry, event and season appropriate alongside hundreds of generic articles which can be used whenever you need.

Can I request a specific article?

Of course. Please feel free to contact us if there is a specific topic you would like us to cover and wherever possible we will help by adding an article on your suggested topic to our content library. Alternatively, you can request a wholly exclusive, custom written article for your estate agency use only. Please contact us for details.

Where can I use the content?

You can use content for estate agents on your blog or news page, in links from your social media accounts and use as part of your email marketing campaigns – for example in weekly newsletters. You can also use the articles within any printed matter you may publish for your business. Once downloaded, the articles and images are yours to use as you wish, although you are not permitted to offer them for resale or supply the content to other businesses.

Can I edit the content?

Yes, of course! Although every article will automatically be exclusively branded to fit with your estate agency and location, so you really won’t need to make any edits. Once you subscribe to our service, any content and images you download become yours to use as you wish, although you may not offer them for resale.

Can I see some examples of the content for estate agents you offer?

Yes absolutely! In fact, we can do better than that. We offer all new subscribers one free article with no commitment so that you may test our service. You’ll also be covered by our 7-day money-back guarantee. Simply register and you’ll receive access to our extensive library of articles. You will be able to download and keep one article of your choice to use as you wish.

Once I subscribe to content for estate agents, how do I download my articles?

Simply log in, browse or use the search button to choose the articles you require and then hit the download button. On the next page, copy and paste the article and use the Image button to save the relevant content to your computer.

What does my content for estate agents monthly subscription fee cover?

You’ll receive instant access to our extensive library of high quality, property market relevant and location targeted articles. All articles have a minimum word count of 750 words. Your chosen subscription package will allow you to download between one and eight articles per month plus relevant images and social media content to use on your website, blog and social media accounts.

Please note that any unused article credits will not be carried over to the following month.

What happens if I reach my monthly quota and require more content?

If you require further articles, please upgrade your package via your account page. If you require more than eight articles per month, please contact us to add credits or arrange a bespoke subscription.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, although we hope you won’t. You are not tied into a long contract, in fact there is no contract! We work on a month by month basis. If you wish to unsubscribe it’s easy – simply go to your account page when you’re logged in and click to cancel.

How do I contact you?

We are easily accessible! Please use our contact page, or message us via our social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. Our aim is to respond to all messages within one business day, however we are usually much quicker!

Can I have more than one account?

We do not allow estate agents to have multiple accounts, however you may have multiple users within one account.