Why we Created Content for Estate Agents

Content for Estate Agents was born simply out of a genuine frustration at the lack of high quality on-demand content available to help independent estate agents promote themselves online.

With more than 17 years of running a business, we know first hand that there are times when as the ‘wearer of many hats’ you simply cannot devote hours to every aspect of your estate agency.

Somewhere along the line, different parts of your business are prioritised and the aspects that you cannot co-ordinate without some help, advice or intervention get unintentionally left behind. This is perfectly normal because of course, every business owner wants to concentrate on what they do best.

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Which Social Media Platforms Are Most Effective For Estate Agents?

Which Social Media Platforms Are Most Effective For Estate Agents?

Most estate agents these days are aware that digital marketing campaigns are a key component of their marketing strategy, and that social media platforms have a vital role to play. However, with so many different platforms to choose from, how do you know which ones are most effective?

Maintaining one social media profile can be challenging when you’re running a busy estate agency, not to mention several! So, deciding on the most appropriate platforms to suit your target market and your own requirements is essential. Just to make life even more uncomfortable, there are constantly changing algorithms and updates to contend with too that can make it difficult to get to grips with which platform will work best for you.

So, let’s take a look at four of the top social media platforms today, weigh up their advantages and disadvantages, and give you an overview of their effectiveness when it comes to estate agency content.

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What Kind Of Content Should An Estate Agent Email Marketing Strategy Include?

What Kind Of Content Should An Estate Agent Email Marketing Strategy Include?

Email marketing campaigns are a key component of your estate agency marketing strategy, but it can be difficult to know what kind of content you should be sending out.

Crafting engaging email newsletters is no mean feat, and coming up with a highly effective strategy for your campaign is never easy. Not only do you need to know what you’re trying to achieve, whether that’s driving traffic to your site, engaging with prospective clients, or increasing valuations, but you also need to make sure that your emails are opened and read by the recipient.

Creating the right content is key to this, but what kind of content do the people on your mailing list want to see? Fortunately, we’re experts in the field of estate agency content creation, so here is our advice.

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How to Improve Local SEO for Estate Agents

How to Improve Local SEO For Estate Agents

These days, there’s nothing more important than being found online. Estate agents are operating within a highly competitive arena, and there are often several companies working within one locality. With this in mind, it’s crucial you develop a strong SEO strategy.

Search engine optimisation is paramount when it comes to boosting your estate agency’s online visibility. Around 50% of all Google searches are looking for local information, and over 85% of all users rely on the internet when seeking nearby businesses. Therefore, ensuring your brand appears at the top of the search engine results is the best way to drive traffic to your website and gain more clients.

To reach the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) you need to hone your local SEO skills. So, here, we take a look at how you can work towards achieving this goal.

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Can Content Give Estate Agents Social Proof

Can Content Give Estate Agents Social Proof?

Most estate agents will admit that they’re operating within a highly competitive marketplace. It’s no wonder, then, that it’s so important to elevate your online presence and raise awareness of your brand within your local area. Part of boosting your brand profile involves obtaining greater social proof, but how can you achieve this goal, and can the right estate agent content hold the key to success?

Social Proof – An Overview

Whether online or offline, well-done social proof allows estate agencies to promote high confidence in their brands. Providing clear evidence that others have had positive experiences when using your estate agency to sell or buy a property increases the likelihood that others will follow their example and use your agency.

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Can Social Media Marketing For Estate Agents Really Sell Homes?

Can Social Media Marketing For Estate Agents Really Sell Homes?

As an estate agent, it’s very likely that your brand already has an active presence on social media platforms. However, simply having a profile on sites like Instagram and Facebook is no longer enough to really stand out from the crowd.

If you’ve been wondering whether social media marketing can really sell homes, the answer is a resounding “yes”.

By harnessing the power of the many marketing features that social media websites have made available, you can promote your agency to the fullest extent. The key to success, though, isn’t just about posting regularly, it’s about having a clear social media content marketing strategy. With this in mind, here are our top tips for creating an effective social media campaign that drives up brand awareness, increases traffic to your agency’s website, and boosts your bottom line.

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Estate Agents: Here's How To Become A Broad Resource For Your Readers – Top Tips For Expanding Your Blog Topics

Estate Agents: Here’s How To Become A Broad Resource For Your Readers – Top Tips For Expanding Your Blog Topics (And Becoming Less Boring!)

Getting a maximum return on your content marketing investment couldn’t be more important for estate agents, and the key to that is building up a loyal and large following of readers who are ready and willing to promote your posts outside your existing network.

So, how can you achieve this goal? A top tip is to expand your blog topics beyond simply those relating to selling or buying homes. In other words, become less boring and reach a wider audience.

Of course, it makes sense for an estate agency blog to focus primarily on real estate topics, but there’s a lot to be said for broadening this niche to encompass other subject matter so that your agency becomes a comprehensive and interesting resource for readers to turn to for information, advice, and engagement.

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How To Be Less Forgettable! Could Influencer Marketing Be A Valuable Part Of My Real Estate Content Strategy?

How To Be Less Forgettable! Could Influencer Marketing Be A Valuable Part Of My Real Estate Content Strategy?

Creating and implementing an effective estate agency content strategy is crucial to achieving marketing success, but to obtain maximum ROI it’s essential for that content strategy to have multiple facets.

One avenue you should consider exploring is influencer marketing.

Most people have heard the term “influencer” these days, but you may not have thought about harnessing the power of influencers when it comes to raising awareness of your estate agent brand.

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The Benefits of Introducing Storytelling to Your Estate Agent Content

The Benefits Of Introducing Storytelling Into Your Estate Agent Content

No doubt you’re already aware of the importance of creating high-quality content for estate agents. However, you may not have realised just how vital the process of storytelling can be for the success of your real estate marketing strategy.

The concept of storytelling for marketing purposes isn’t a new one, but it’s beginning to achieve greater traction as the benefits are now being recognised. In fact, there’s a scientific basis for introducing storytelling into your campaigns!

Did you know that the human brain responds in particular ways when it encounters well-told and engaging stories? It releases dopamine each time an emotionally-charged event is experienced, while stories activate an area of the brain which helps listeners turn the ideas in a story into ideas of their own.

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Is an estate agent blog really the key to increasing brand awareness

Is An Estate Agent Blog Really The Key To Boosting Your Brand Awareness?

If there’s one thing that most estate agents are aware of these days, it’s that the marketplace is an incredibly crowded one.

Even the smallest towns have several estate agencies jostling for business, and getting your brand noticed can be challenging, especially when you’re up against big-name competitors. It isn’t surprising, then, that blogging is becoming increasingly popular for companies nationwide who want to stand out from the crowd.

When you incorporate a blog into your marketing strategy, you can benefit from instant brand exposure across a range of platforms including social media pages. An estate agent blog can be vital for building a strong brand identity and for raising greater brand awareness, but it’s crucial to ensure that the real estate content it showcases is of the highest quality.

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A Guide to Content Creation for UK Real Estate Marketing

A Guide to Content Creation for UK Real Estate Marketing

Content creation is a buzzword for many top-notch marketing companies in the world today.

While you may sometimes feel a little tired of hearing about it, there’s a reason it’s one of the most talked-about subjects in estate agent marketing today!

In this article, we’ll provide a complete guide to content creation for UK real estate agent marketing by explaining what it is, why it’s important and how to do it successfully.

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Is Your Estate Agency's Blog Content Good Enough?

Is Your Estate Agency’s Blog Content Good Enough? 4 Crucial Questions to Help You Find Out

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie blogger or if your agency has been in the blogging game for years, you can still find yourself asking, “Is my content good enough?”

Self-evaluating your blogs’ success is one of the most crucial parts of owning one. Just like you’re always evaluating your lead generation metrics, you need to be evaluating just how good your blog is right now compared to your competitors.

Naturally, all blog content needs to be well-written, easy to read and engaging, so we won’t talk about those things here – but it’s good to bear them in mind during this deep dive!

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Why Estate Agent Content Marketing FAILS – and How to Prevent It

No one likes failure. Content marketing is one of those things where when it’s good, it’s great, but when it’s bad, it’s really, really bad!

When you start a blog as part of your content marketing strategy, you have huge potential to gain new leads, boost your subscriber list, and build your brand awareness.

But if your blog is failing, you may be wondering why.

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Is content marketing dead for estate agents

Is Content Marketing Dead for Estate Agents?

Years ago, people on the ‘t’internet’ (as Peter Kay would say!) concluded that blogging had died a death. Fortunately, or unfortunately for them, that conclusion didn’t withstand the test of time.

Actually, blogging has only grown in popularity since then, but its purpose has drastically changed from being something only students do while travelling the world to a crucial marketing tool for businesses.

Now though, just as fake news comes and goes, people are speculating whether content marketing in general – which includes blogging – is dead.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Content Marketing

Advantages and Disadvantages of Content Marketing for Estate Agents

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that content marketing is a hot trend. As an estate agent, starting, and maintaining, your property blog is one of the best content marketing strategies you’ll come across.

By creating and sharing one or two articles a week, you can generate more high-quality leads, grow your email list, and build your brand awareness almost passively.

But it’s not all fun and games. There’s a ton of work that goes into blogging. While it has its advantages, there are, let’s not call them disadvantages as such, but certainly, things you need to be aware of.

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SEO for Letting Agents

A Complete Guide to SEO for Letting Agents: 5 Tips for Lead Generation Success

Winning new instructions from landlords using your website is one of the best strategies for letting agents today.

But, if you want to do this right, you need to know about SEO (search engine optimisation) and it must be part of everything you do with your website.

If you don’t know where to start with SEO, in this article, we’ll provide a short and snappy guide to SEO for letting agents and share our best tips for lead generation success.

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Top 6 Real Estate Marketing Tools for UK Estate Agents

Top 6 Real Estate Marketing Tools for UK Estate Agents

Are you looking for more resources and tools to market your estate agency?

While advertising your business physically (by having a high-street presence and distributing local flyers) tends to stay the same, online marketing for estate agents is constantly changing. To stay ahead of the game, you need the best resources and tools to help you consistently generate leads and win new instructions.

In this article, we’ll share our top real estate agent marketing tools for UK agencies to help you win new instructions and sell more homes.

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Estate Agent Marketing Ideas for 2022

6 Estate Agent Marketing Ideas for 2022: How to Win New Instructions

Marketing is very nearly an estate agents’ entire job. Selling properties, building relationships, and winning new instructions is all a form of marketing – and it’s your day-to-day business!

But everyone gets stumped for ideas occasionally – especially when it comes to online marketing and knowing how to promote your services on the web to win new instructions.

That’s why, in this article, we’ll share our top six online marketing ideas for 2022 that can help estate agents and letting agents win new instructions.

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3 Reasons Why a Blog Can Help You Recruit Estate Agents

3 Reasons Why a Blog Can Help You Recruit Estate Agents

For estate agents, having a blog provides countless opportunities for success.

It’s common knowledge that a blog can grow web traffic and win your agency new instructions.

But did you know that it can also help you recruit great estate agency staff?

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What is Funnel Marketing for Estate Agents? Here's How to Do It

What is Funnel Marketing for Estate Agents? Here’s How to Do It

Creating a marketing funnel for your estate agency is a crucial part of content marketing. With this marketing technique, you can win new instructions from sellers, buyers or landlords. And while not everyone that visits your blog will convert into a client, having an expert marketing funnel can provide a huge boost in your lead generation success.

In this article, we’ll explain what a marketing funnel is, give you an example of funnel marketing for estate agents, and tell you how to create a marketing funnel for your agency through content creation.

What is a Marketing Funnel?

Put simply, a marketing funnel is a process you create to generate leads and convert them into customers. This usually means taking people through the following four stages:

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4 Crucial Things Buyers Want from Your Local Area Guides in 2022

4 Crucial Things Buyers Want from Estate Agents Local Area Guides in 2022

Levelling up your success is all about staying on top of what buyers want.

With the rise of remote working, more people are moving further out and browsing properties in areas not previously known to them. And they’ll be looking to you as the local estate agent for help finding out what’s nearby.

This makes having premium local area guides on your website more important than ever.

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Content For Mortgage Advisors

Introducing An Additional Service: Content For Mortgage Advisors

Well, yesterday! What can I say…

What a day to be alive!

After months of hard work, yesterday we were finally able to launch our additional content service. You may have seen our cryptic social media posts over the past week or so, and now all has been revealed and Content For Mortgage Advisors has arrived!  

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Reasons Why Your Estate Agency Needs a Content Writer

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Content Writer for Your Estate Agency

If you’re thinking about starting a blog for your estate agency, you may be wondering, “What exactly does a content writer do?” and, “Is hiring a copywriter worth it?”.

You may even be asking yourself, “Can’t I just do it all myself?”

These are excellent questions and you’re not alone in asking them.

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4 Persuasive Writing Tips for Estate Agents That Can Boost Sales

4 Persuasive Writing Tips for Estate Agents That Can Boost Sales

It doesn’t matter whether you’re writing a property listing or a blog post, your aim of the game is to inspire people to act. That’s why knowing how to write persuasively as an estate agent is crucial if you want to win new leads and make more sales.

We know that writing (especially blog posts) can be a tough skill to master. Blogs have the potential to drive high-quality traffic to your website. But, unless you’re working with an expert content writer, you’ll only find success if you know how to write them correctly.

Using our experience at Content For Estate Agents, we’ve created these four persuasive writing tips and techniques for estate agents that can help you write winning blog posts every time.

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4 Content Marketing Ideas for Estate Agents for 2022

4 Content Marketing Ideas for Estate Agents for 2022

If you’re not practising content marketing for your estate agency in 2022, you’re missing a trick!

One of the best lead generation strategies around is content marketing.

But a good strategy requires good ideas. Unfortunately, knowing where to start with content marketing (or how to raise your game if you’ve been doing it for a while) can be tricky.

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