Why we Created Content for Estate Agents

Content for Estate Agents was born simply out of a genuine frustration at the lack of high quality on-demand content available to help independent estate agents promote themselves online.

With more than 15 years of running a business, we know first hand that there are times when as the ‘wearer of many hats’ you simply cannot devote hours to every aspect of your estate agency.

Somewhere along the line, different parts of your business are prioritised and the aspects that you cannot co-ordinate without some help, advice or intervention get unintentionally left behind. This is perfectly normal because of course, every business owner wants to concentrate on what they do best.

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3 Reasons Why Estate Agents Should Publish Blog Content

Did you know that a fruit fly only lives for between 40 and 50 days? Imagine! 

And did you know that for most estate and lettings agencies who start writing a blog, the lifespan of that blog is similar?

Let’s put this into perspective. That’s just over 7 weeks at best.

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5 Ways to Repurpose Your Blog

5 Ways to Repurpose Your Blog Content

If you already create your own blog content, you’ll know that it’s not a task which can be completed in 10 minutes flat.

  • You need to decide on a topic
  • Do your research
  • Fire up your creative juices
  • Write your piece
  • Edit and upload

And this can quite easily take at least several hours out of your day.

But your estate agency will really benefit from you publishing consistent, informative and educational content. It’s truly an incredible marketing strategy. So, here’s a big tip for you:

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content for estate agents

Content Marketing for Estate Agents: Trust the Process!

The best piece of advice I have ever received was from someone I really looked up to many years ago when my children were small. I was juggling full-time employment and a part-time job alongside all the usual parental and household responsibilities!

This insightful piece of advice helped me leave my job, start my own business and over the past 15 years or so has stopped me wasting countless hours of my life going around in circles.

Looking back, it’s amazing how this piece of advice positively affected me. But it really did!

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content for estate agents podcast

Content for Estate Agents: Prop Media Podcast with Ebs Turner

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content for estate agents

Estate Agents: Make Your Content Marketing a Mighty Tool

The biggest business risk I took was when I ditched the direction my business had been going in for almost 15 years and chose to start a completely new business, from scratch.

It was either I choose to take the risk or choose to stay safe. Two reasonably straightforward options on the surface, I suppose. But staying safe would have involved winding up my original business and going to work for someone else.

That scenario filled me so much horror, I can’t even tell you!

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the three big mistakes estate agents make

The Three Biggest Mistakes Estate Agents Make

Following on from last weeks blog post, I want to share with you three of the biggest marketing mistakes you absolutely must avoid if you want your estate agency to succeed. Becoming the go-to estate agent in your area is crucial and winning more instructions is within your reach!

I have helped hundreds of estate agents understand why content is key and in the process of doing so I have noticed that the SAME three mistakes crop up time and again.

So, the best thing you can do now is save yourself from wasting another minute by learning from the past mistakes of those other estate agents!

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estate agents avoid at all costs

Estate Agents: Avoid this at all costs!

I wanted to bring to light a mistake that many estate agents have been making, despite trying their best not to!

I see so many estate agents running into problems when it comes to creating and publishing content because of this one grave mistake.

I know that you read my blog posts because you are interested in learning how to get organic leads and win more instructions, so I felt that I had to write this to ensure that you do not do this at all costs.

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estate agents spend money to win more instructions

Estate Agents: Should You Spend Money to Make Money?

As you will know if you follow me on social media, I spent £1,209 on a new MacBook Pro last week!

I know it’s ridiculously expensive for what is essentially just a laptop, but let me say first of all, I don’t usually go around wasting my money on just anything.

However, when it came to this, I had to purchase it… and I have zero regrets!

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the truth about content for estate agents

The Truth About Content for Estate Agents

From my frequent conversations with property professionals, I know you may be one of many estate agents who have issues creating content for your blog, newsletter or social media that actually engages with your target audience and makes you stand out as an expert.

The truth is, it’s just not as easy as it looks!

I was thinking about this over the weekend and so I thought I would help you out by giving you my seven best tips for creating genuinely engaging and interesting content for your target audience – home movers!

So, brace yourself! Help is at hand so that you can get your creative juices flowing and start attracting more clients.

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estate agents how controversial are you

Estate Agents: How Controversial are You?

I lost five subscribers last week. Here’s why.

I send my weekly newsletter ➡️ to my list every Tuesday. It always contains a helpful tip, a relevant little story or some piece of information that I feel will benefit subscribers in some way. There’s never a huge amount of waffle. It’s always an important message written to make the reader sit up, take notice and make them think. Sometimes, I hope my emails may even provide a little entertainment on a dull day!

I have been sending out newsletters like this for 15 years in one form or another, so from experience, I know what type of content works and what doesn’t!

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are estate agents lazy or uneducated when it comes to content marketing?

Are Estate Agents Lazy…or Just Uneducated?

Are estate agents lazy or uneducated when it comes to content marketing?


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estate agents shocking mistakes

Estate Agents: That Shocking Mistake (Part Two!)

I recently regaled you with the sorry saga of my recent encounter with a local estate agent during our quest to purchase a buy to let property.

Firstly, thank you to everyone who responded with insights, ideas, thoughts and suitable properties for our consideration – what great reactive and pro-active work from you – thank you for taking the time to contact me.

Secondly, I am genuinely sad to report that the whole buy to let debacle continued to unfold (and not in a good way) when the estate agent in question finally got in touch by email.

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Estate Agents: Don’t Make This Shocking Mistake!

My husband and I (oooh I sound like the Queen!) are currently looking to purchase a property in our local area which we intend to rent out.

We’ve been keeping a keen eye on what’s coming to market, and I must say, it’s fantastic that there are so many potential properties around at the moment. Pretty much every estate agent I have spoken to recently tells me they are flat out, and I am genuinely delighted for the industry after what has been a pretty hairy few months!

Please do make that hay while the sun shines. But don’t forget to sow the seeds for future harvests too! I’ve said this many times over, and it should be your mantra… but look, that’s not something I want to talk about today.

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4 Things Every Estate Agent Needs to Know About Content Marketing

4 Things Every Estate Agent Needs to Know About Content Marketing

As you can imagine, my inbox is pretty busy with questions and requests from estate agents. Creating content for estate agents is my niche, and I like to stick to giving help and advice on what I’m good at!

Since Covid-19 rampaged through our lives, a considerable number of estate agents have woken up to the power of marketing their agency through online content, in fact, I would go so far as to say that Covid-19 has actually dragged a few estate agents into the 21st century at last. Not without some kicking and screaming though.

So, because I get loads of questions on familiar themes, I’ve picked the four questions I get asked most frequently and will answer them here.

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Estate Agents: What is the Value of Blog Content?

I was chatting with an estate agent based in the North of England last week about his blog which, in fairness, he does publish posts on…sporadically…when he has time…and when he can think of something to write about!

So, we were talking about the value of blog content and he said:

“But I published an article a couple of days ago, and no-one has commented on it, or even mentioned that they’ve seen it yet. People haven’t got time to read stuff.”

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content for estate agents

Estate Agents: Is This a Touchy Subject?

Last week I received an email from an estate agent which contained a very important question.

The agent simply asked me why I send emails to him, but never explain in those emails what my services are or how much I charge?

The emails he refers to are my newsletter which I send weekly on a Tuesday to agents who have expressed an interest in or have signed up to my content for estate agents service.

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Estate Agents: Woo-Hoo! Stamp Duty Holiday 🏡 ⛱

At last, there has been some good news for the estate agency industry, with Chancellor Rishi Sunak announcing a Stamp Duty holiday on residential purchases of £500,000 or less in England and Northern Ireland until March 2021.

So, being in the property industry, how do you feel about this?

Is it enough to keep the property market buoyant for the next eight months?

When the time comes next Spring for the Stamp Duty holiday to draw to a close will there be a massive frenzy during the final days followed by a market collapse?

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7 Things Your Customers Want to Know Right Now

Estate Agents: 7 Things Your Customers Want to Know Right Now

If lockdown has done one thing, it has highlighted the necessity for estate agents to increase their online presence. In fact, this has been underlined not just for estate agents, but for every business that until these last few strange months may have been lacking somewhat when it came to their digital arsenal.

I’m not just talking about having a website though. Any estate agency can have a website.

Actually, I’ll rephrase that. Any estate agency can have a pretty website.

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Estate Agents: How Attractive is Your Website?

How attractive are you? How interesting are you?

I bet you’d give yourself a solid 8 out of 10, maybe even more?

Now, how did you actually reach that score?

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Estate Agents: How to help home movers!

How helpful have you been to your clients these past few months? No, really, I mean if you take a proper good, long look at yourself and your agency, have you been, and do you continue to be as helpful as you can possibly be when it comes to your clients?

I’m interested to know because there was an article that caught my eye in the Property Reporter newsletter last week which stated:

“According to new research by home setup service, Just Move In, an overwhelming 69% of the nation feel that estate agents should do more to help them during the stressful process of moving between homes.”

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Estate Agents: Are you Playing the Long Game?

You’re a fantastic estate agent, right? Of course you are.

Or, you think you are.

But how does your target audience see you?

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estate agents how do you feel about your competitors

Estate Agents in competition: How do you feel?

I was chatting with a long-standing client recently. She runs a very successful estate agency in the South East, and we generally enjoy a bit of chit-chat before we talk business! This recent catch-up was no exception, and she was obviously desperate to tell me ‘a funny story’ about how one of her competitors had quite recently tried to sabotage her reputation by publicly bringing her credentials into question.

I mean, I wouldn’t say that’s funny – more rude and disrespectful!

It turns out that, without going into all the details, her credentials had been questioned publicly in a way that was meant to ultimately make her look incompetent.

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Estate Agents: It’s not all about you!

When was the last time you learned a new word?

In fact, I’ll rephrase that, when was the last time you learned a new word and then actually used it as part of your vocabulary?

I’m guessing it’s been a while, because generally, in our day to day lives we don’t encounter new words all that often. If we do and we don’t know what they mean, we forget them.

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12 Reasons Properties will Come to Market This Week

Over the bank holiday weekend, my husband received news that his employer has extended its staff furlough scheme until the 31st of July. He works in the financial sector for an estate agency, and so we guess that they will keep him in this furloughed position until mortgage momentum starts gathering again.

Following this news, I was reflecting on the large number of people who are still furloughed or are working from home on full or reduced hours. And this got me thinking! This is a massive opportunity for people to reflect on their lifestyles properly during this time.

It’s been reported that for some, ‘furlough fever’ has already set in. This, allegedly, involves no desire to go back to work at all, ever, because the realisation that spending time at home, doing nothing, and getting paid for it is for some, a dream come true! Long-term this would be impossible, but I’m sure that in households across the country, priorities are being reassessed. This inevitably includes making decisions relating to personal and home circumstances.

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