Why we Created contentfor

contentforestateagents was born simply out of our genuine frustration at the lack of high quality on-demand content available to help small businesses promote themselves online. With more than 14 years of running a small business, we know first hand that there are times when as the ‘wearer of many hats’ you simply cannot devote time to every aspect of your business.

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“If content marketing is so great, why isn’t every estate agent doing it?”

So, the telephone conversation went something like this:

Estate Agent: “With the property market coming back to life, I need to attract more people to my agency.”

Me: “Great. I can help with that. What’s your current strategy?”

Estate Agent: “Strategy? Erm…well, I’m on all the portals obviously. Right Move, Zoopla and so on, and I post my market share figures on my social media accounts a few times a month so that people know that we’re the best in the business. Oh, and, I do door drops, not at the moment obviously, what with the coronavirus, but I’ll get back to doing that again soon.”

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Estate Agents: What is the best content for you to post online?

Let me tell you a little story.

Recently I was involved in an interesting conversation on social media. The original post wasn’t mine, but the debate was about whether estate agents should be bragging about how many viewings, market appraisals and sales they have completed during lockdown.

The consensus was that during these unprecedented times, bragging is not a good look – not for any business – and content should be sensitive.

Then an estate agent, who shall remain nameless, pops up with this little gem – and I’m going to quote this word for word…

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No blog yet? No problem!

Content Matters: No Blog Yet? No Problem!

If you don’t have a blog page on your website, you should. I can’t be any more blunt than that!

You know the reasons – you need to get regular, quality content out there and by blogging once or twice a week, you can do that.

However, if you haven’t organised your blog page yet, there’s no reason why you can’t utilise your social media accounts in the meantime, to ensure you consistently push content out whilst you get set up!

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lockdown walkies

Estate Agents: This search term has seen a 950% increase

I own a dog. A beautiful fox red Labrador, who goes by the name of Skye. She is one of the reasons I have stayed sane during the past few weeks because every day Skye and I have continued to head out on our lockdown walkies.

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Estate Agents: Business just got personal!

I don’t know about you, but I do my absolute best thinking when I’m out walking the dog or immersed in exercise. And yesterday was no exception. Out in the spring sunshine, I was wandering and pondering, and I thought to myself, why are so many estate agencies named after their owners or directors?

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what's the biggest mistake estate agents make when posting on social media?

Content Matters: What’s the biggest mistake estate agents make when posting on social media?

Watch the video: It’s hard to think up new ideas and posts every day, several times a day, and so generally, what happens is that you end up posting stuff that isn’t going to be helpful in bringing you more brand awareness or more leads.

And there’s one really common mistake that estate agents make when posting – and this applies to social media and blog content too.

So, what’s the crime?

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estate agents it's time for a new normal

Estate Agents: Are you normal?

So here we are, in week five of lockdown! Who would have thought it?

If you’re anything like me, you will have moments of complete clarity, where you accept the coronavirus situation and get on with it, and other moments, more extreme moments, where you have a complete wobble and think:

‘What the hell is this? How did we get to this point where we can’t leave our homes, our businesses are closed, and everything is just in limbo?’

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connect with prospects like never before

Estate Agents: How to Connect with Your Prospects like Never Before!

These past weeks are likely to have been the most testing times you have ever faced as an estate agent.

I hope you’re doing ok and can focus on the fact that this is a once in a lifetime event (hopefully) and you are not alone. Every other estate agent is experiencing the devastating consequences of coronavirus too and quite frankly, once you get through this, you will feel like you can conquer the world!

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5 Tips for Staying Productive When Working from Home

Over the past few weeks, you, like many estate agents now working from home, have probably had to adjust. Whilst you may work remotely on occasion, this is likely to be the first time you have had to do this consistently.

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Estate Agents: 5 Ways You Can Beat Your Competition

How many times in the past have you asked yourself how your estate agency can make sure that your target audience always thinks of you before considering your competition?

Never? Then that’s where you are making a big mistake.

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